Chef Sky Li

Korean cuisine is filled with historical significance, traditional cooking methods and many unique aspects; Sky Li Jin Yong is the perfect private chef to show you that with his Korean recipes. It was natural for him to train at the Chef's Academy in Seoul and the Singapore Culinary Institute to further his passion and hone his skills. He has almost 20 years of experience cooking Korean cuisine. While his Korean dishes are to-die-for, Sky is also well-versed with the Western and Chinese cuisines. He has participated in various charity events across different countries with the Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs in Singapore. 

Sky Li is constantly researching food to create new flavours and recipes while preserving its traditional value and techniques. One of his best talents is creating fusion recipes by combining different culinary traditions and techniques. He describes his cooking as healthy, nutritious and 100% authentic Korean. 

In partnering with Esseplore, Chef Sky Li hopes to share the different food traditions of the culture through his authentic Korean feast.

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