Baba Nyonya Delicacy by Chefs Nonya_licious (7-Course feast)
Baba Nyonya Delicacy by Chefs Nonya_licious (7-Course feast)
Baba Nyonya Delicacy by Chefs Nonya_licious (7-Course feast)
Baba Nyonya Delicacy by Chefs Nonya_licious (7-Course feast)
Baba Nyonya Delicacy by Chefs Nonya_licious (7-Course feast)
Baba Nyonya Delicacy by Chefs Nonya_licious (7-Course feast)
Baba Nyonya Delicacy by Chefs Nonya_licious (7-Course feast)
Baba Nyonya Delicacy by Chefs Nonya_licious (7-Course feast)

Chef Nonya_licious

Baba Nyonya Delicacy by Chefs Nonya_licious (7-Course feast)

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Peranakan food has become distinctive for its intense and fresh preparation, and exploding flavours. With Nonya_licious, marvel at the culinary capabilities of true Peranakans and savour the unique tastes of traditional Baba Nyonya cuisine!

Ayam Babi Buah Keluak
(Pork & Chicken Indonesian Black Nut)  
Known as the Truffle of the East, this heirloom recipe is one of the more time-consuming authentic Peranakan dishes. The Buah Keluak nuts are individually picked, soaked for a few days and cracked open to scoop out the flesh, and stewed with fresh chicken drumsticks and tender baby pork ribs before being sautéed with aromatic spices and tamarind to create a rich paste.

Nyonya Chap Chai (Braised Mix Vegetables)
A must-have delicious Nyonya dish of stewed mixed vegetables rich in textures and flavours, it is made with fresh sweet cabbage, fermented yellow soybeans, crunchy dried shrimp, black fungus, Chinese mushroom, dried lily buds, sweet & salty beancurd skin, glass noodles, tender pork belly, juicy prawns and rich prawn broth, and enhances the recipe's natural saltiness. 

Pandan Steamed Rice
Jasmine rice steamed together with natural pandan extract, which adds extra flavour, fragrance and a tinge of green. 

Kerabu Timun (Spicy Cucumber Salad) 
A vitalising appetiser, this tangy salad made with pickled cucumber, delicious sambal belachan, spicy chilli and crunchy dried shrimp is the perfect start to a Peranakan feast. 

Traditional Ngoh Hiang (Pork Meat Roll)  
A meat roll made of minced pork, chopped water chestnuts, fresh prawns, juicy pork liver, crunchy spring onions, and spices rolled and fried in a soybean curd sheet. Best eaten with Sambal Belachan for an elevated taste, this bite-sized dish is a must-have for Peranakan food enthusiasts.

Itek Tim Kiam Chye
(Salted Mustard Duck Soup)  
A classic Peranakan salty and sour soup made with pork bone broth, fresh peppercorns, tender duck meat, pickled mustard, tomatoes, tamarind and a dash of brandy stewed overnight.


Tu Thor Th’ng (Pepper Pig Maw & Ribs Soup)  
A nutritious soup made with pig maw, pork ribs, white peppercorn and ginkgo nuts simmered over low heat for hours. The pig maw is skillfully deodorised using a special oil, salt and lemon before cooking. The peppery broth has tons of benefits that helps a weak digestive system, warms the stomach and helps in recovery during confinement.

Peach Gum Cheng Tng  
A nourishing and refreshing sweet dessert rich in peach gum, red dates, dried longan, ginkgo nuts and wolfberries that can be served warm or cold. Peach gum is known for its natural collagen, promoting skin rejuvenation and body detoxification.  


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A friendship spanning 25 years and a strong passion for cooking are only the beginning of what Chefs Julianna and Florence have in common. They also credit their shared culture and love for Peranakan cuisine for their dynamic chemistry. Both began cooking at a young age in the busy kitchens of their childhood home and grew up with the belief that a big part of their Nyonya identity lies in food. They are so passionate about food, particularly Nyonya cooking that even their travel itinerary consists of cooking classes. After being encouraged by many, they decided to share their love of the cuisine with fellow Singaporeans. When tasting Peranakan dishes, people try to put a label on it, describing it as either Chinese or Malay. However, the chefs have come to realise that the best way to describe it is distinctly Nyonya. 

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