The Hearty Seafood Feast by home Chef Ashish
The Hearty Seafood Feast by home Chef Ashish
The Hearty Seafood Feast by home Chef Ashish
The Hearty Seafood Feast by home Chef Ashish
The Hearty Seafood Feast by home Chef Ashish

Chef Ashish Poddar

The Hearty Seafood Feast by home Chef Ashish

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If you’re looking for a wholesome gourmet menu, this is the right one for you! Unlike the typical recipes, this menu consists of the chef's own spin on some of the most loved continental seafood dishes. Made with Chef Ashish's expertise, enjoy this scrumptious and hearty feast with your  loved ones!


Cod Fillet Salad
A delicious salad with the unique combination of a poached cod fillet and soft-boiled eggs drizzled in the chef's special sweet and tangy mustard sauce with herbs and olive oil.

Pea and Broccoli Soup
A beautiful green and healthy recipe, the velvety texture of this flavourful soup is attained by sautéing fresh peas and broccoli, roasting and simmering the produce in a special vegetarian stock. 

Premium Butter Poached Butterfly Prawns (4 pieces approx. 50 grams each)
Premium tender prawns butterflied and poached in butter to perfection, served with chef's signature black pepper sauce(cognac based). This speciality is known for its sweet and pepper flavours, and its aroma.


Breaded Fish (1 large or 2 medium pieces)
A crowd-favourite, this dish consists of black pomfret coated in breadcrumbs, lightly pan-fried in oil and oven grilled to a crispy golden.
he meat is soft and tender on the inside, and served with an aromatic saffron sauce

Baked Rice
Oven baked rice with generous layers of mushrooms and fragrant rice, and a surprise element: premium cheese!


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Chef Ashish Poddar

Growing up in the bustling kitchen of his ancestral house, cooking has become second nature to Ashish Poddar. Inspired by his father’s cooking, Poddar admired his father’s ability to create simple yet sophisticated meals. He started his brand Chef’d Club with the intention of creating a unique experience of dining with a chef. Known for his progressive Asian dishes, Poddar prides himself on being able to turn classic dishes into variations everybody can enjoy, such as the Smoked Green Chicken Biryani, and his most popular dish, the Mixed Layered Seafood Biryani. Constantly striving for perfection, his menu is a curation of multi-cultural and regional dishes from all parts of the Indian Sub-continent with complex and rare combinations of many flavours. 

From hosting small dinner parties to throwing extravagant banquets, his cooking has come a long way since his start in 1997. His services have been extended to private parties, in-house dining, consultations and workshops where he might divulge his cooking secrets! 

He began by sharing his food with people, and through this, he hopes to continue sharing his creations with people and provide a premium dining experience with top-grade cuisine at affordable prices. 


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