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A Truly Peranakan Feast
A Truly Peranakan Feast
A Truly Peranakan Feast
A Truly Peranakan Feast
A Truly Peranakan Feast
A Truly Peranakan Feast
A Truly Peranakan Feast

Chef Alan & Christina

A Truly Peranakan Feast

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*Only available for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday
* Not available on 18, 24, 31 October


With influences from different East Asian countries embedded in their culture, Peranakan cuisine is an irresistible mix of tangy, herbal, and spicy. Take a peek at the wonderful Peranakan culture with this authentic Peranakan feast! 

A spicy, crunchy and refreshing appetiser made of pickled cucumber, cabbage, peanuts and sesame seeds. 

Ngoh Hiang 
A Singaporean favourite, this juicy fried roll is made with fresh prawns, pork, water chestnuts, and a variety of spices rolled onto a dried beancurd sheet. 

Curry Fish Head
Fresh Red Snapper fish head braised in their homemade curry paste, a family heirloom recipe passed down through generations, with fresh eggplants, ladyfingers, tomatoes and coconut milk. 

Ayam Rendang
A flavourful Malaysian-Indonesian chicken stew with peranakan spices and coconut milk. 

Hee Piow Soup
A classic Peranakan dish that consists of freshly ground prawn and pork meatballs rolled by hand, fish maw, fish balls and cabbage stewed in an anchovy soup base. The broth is made by boiling anchovies in hydrogen water over a high flame and left to simmer until the flavour steeps out. 

Steamed rice
Jasmine rice steeped in blue butterfly pea flower tea giving it a vivid blue hue. 

Pulut Hitam Special 
A special take on the popular dish, this dessert is made with black glutinous rice, coconut milk, palm sugar and rock sugar. The strong flavours of gula melaka and dried longan add to the richness of this sweet dish. 

Complimentary: Homemade Chili dip 


* Not available for lunch 
* Not available on Mondays & Tuesdays

* Order at least 2 days in advance

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Chef Alan & Christina

Husband and wife team, Alan and Christina have been in the cooking business since 1999. Christina is Peranakan and Teochew while Alan is Peranakan and Hokkien. Both take great pride in their Peranakan roots and traditional recipes passed down from their own grandmothers. 

Cooking has always been their interest and passion where cooking traditional Peranakan food has been strongly embedded in their lifestyle. Christina grew up learning and helping her grandmother cook in the kitchen. All the sauces and pastes used in their cooking are made from scratch with traditional methods. From the sambal belacan to rendang pastes, even though takes up a lot of time and effort, this is how they ensure the quality of each dish they serve. 

Their passion and love for cooking are what kept them in the industry for so many years. The couple also does home catering and holds cooking classes at community clubs. In their free time, the couple enjoys listening to English oldies music, playing mahjong and occasional drinks and volunteering at church. To Alan and Christina food is about enjoying if the people who eat their food are happy, they are happy too.   



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