An Athenian Giortí (Vegetarian) by Chef Divya (8-Course feast)
An Athenian Giortí (Vegetarian) by Chef Divya (8-Course feast)
An Athenian Giortí (Vegetarian) by Chef Divya (8-Course feast)
An Athenian Giortí (Vegetarian) by Chef Divya (8-Course feast)
An Athenian Giortí (Vegetarian) by Chef Divya (8-Course feast)
An Athenian Giortí (Vegetarian) by Chef Divya (8-Course feast)
An Athenian Giortí (Vegetarian) by Chef Divya (8-Course feast)
An Athenian Giortí (Vegetarian) by Chef Divya (8-Course feast)
An Athenian Giortí (Vegetarian) by Chef Divya (8-Course feast)

Chef Divya Bakshi

An Athenian Giortí (Vegetarian) by Chef Divya (8-Course feast)

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Greek flavours are unlike any other. Most of their recipes are vegetarian and seasoned with exquisite savour. Discover mouth-watering Mediterranean flavours with Chef Divya's authentic vegetarian Greek feast and enjoy the simple and wholesome dishes of Greek cooking with your loved ones!

A savoury, golden Greek pastry with creamy fresh baby spinach, dill, spring onions and feta cheese filling (4 pieces). 

Greek Tabbouleh Salad  
A classic Greek salad with vibrant fresh greens like spring onions, coriander and lettuce with a mix of walnuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pomegranate, and cranberries, served with a delicious homemade lime vinaigrette made with fresh lime juice, extra-virgin olive oil and a hint of sugar.

Fried white chickpea patties with parsley, onions, sesame seeds and sumac in a thin crunchy layer of semolina and breadcrumbs (4 pieces).

Char-grilled peeled red capsicum with pomegranate molasses and walnuts seasoned with salt and freshly ground cumin, blended into a smooth spread.

A classic creamy spread made with white chickpeas and tahini topped with extra-virgin olive oil.

Baba Ghanoush
Minced char-grilled eggplant blended to a velvety spread with tahini, olive oil, freshly ground cumin powder and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Strained homemade yoghurt blended to a creamy dip with grated fresh cucumbers and a hint of chopped garlic.

Saffron Rice
A fragrant Greek-style pilaf made with long-grain Basmati rice flavoured with saffron, dill, sumac and fresh mixed vegetables.

A traditional and popular Greek dish with lush layers of sliced eggplants, potatoes and capsicum cooked with the chef's special homemade red pasta sauce and creamy white béchamel sauce. 

Dill Potatoes
Fresh potato cubes roasted with a Greek seasoning of cashews, dill and other fresh herbs.

Pita Bread
The perfect accompaniment for savoury spreads, these soft and fluffy flatbreads are made with wheat and have airy pockets (2 pieces). 

Golden filo pastry baked with the chef's special filling of semolina and milk solids flavoured with orange blossom and cinnamon, coated in homemade sugar syrup (4 pieces).  


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Divya Bakshi

Once you taste Divya Bakshi's food, there's no turning back. A trained biologist and teacher professionally, this home chef's cooking journey began at a young age. As she began to share her food as an entrepreneur and cooking instructor, good reviews boosted her confidence and allowed her to venture into various cuisines. Her specialisations are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cooking.  

Plant-based cooking is becoming popular in Singapore, and Divya believes that there are many undiscovered flavours within it. Her cooking style is fuss-free, zero-wastage and experimentative. She loves merging cuisines and creating fusion recipes; all her spices and pastes are homemade to maintain the authenticity and flavour of her dishes. Divya is also a dessert connoisseur and especially enjoys creating keto-friendly desserts. Being in the culinary industry for eight years now, she says that her passion makes each order feel like a great accomplishment. 

 With Esseplore, let Chef Divya introduce to you to different cuisines and healthy fusion recipes filled with love and unforgettable flavours. 


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