Dinner Date At Home (Beef)
Dinner Date At Home (Beef)
Dinner Date At Home (Beef)
Dinner Date At Home (Beef)

Chef Danny Tan

Dinner Date At Home (Beef)

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* NOT available on 19, 23, 24, 30, 31 October & 1 November 2020


With Chef Danny’s impressive mastery, this curated menu consists of dishes with influences from various cuisines. It is the perfect feast for two; enjoy this cross-cultural culinary experience from the comfort of your home! 

Vichyssoise Chaud 
Traditional French soup made from leeks, onions, potatoes, crème fraiche and blonde chicken broth 

Beef Bourguignon (300 grams portion each - weight before cooking) 
Braised Wagyu beef cheek in rich red wine and beef broth reduction & mirepoix, served with mashed potatoes (Russet, French butter, smoked sea salt) 


Australian Style Black Angus Beef 
Thick-cut Rib-eye (500grams) coated with Australian spices, seared, smoked and finished over binchotan and vegemite butter; served with Mediterranean style tabbouleh and roasted cauliflower with Za’tar. 

Paris Brest Choux Puffs (2 medium pieces) 
Crusted choux pastry filled with pecan & hazelnut cream legere and brittle. 

Complimentary: Fennel Salad


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Chef Danny Tan

When Danny Tan stumbled upon an episode of Iron Chef (a Japanese cooking show) during his childhood, he knew he wanted to become a chef. Greatly inspired by contestant Chef Masaharu Morimoto, he enrolled in culinary school and worked at local restaurants and overseas. Upon seeing that most chefs knew very little about wine, he trained to become a wine sommelier and entered into the wine trade. Getting back into the food industry, on his friends’ suggestion, he opted to become a private chef. Tan describes his cooking as cross-cultural. He loves the freedom of experimenting that private dining allows and tries to incorporate aspects from different cuisines into one dish. An example of this would be his pesto – a combination of Chinese celery and candlenut with an Italian sauce. When dining at Tan's, every dish has a story. Whether it's in the preparation or the final transformation, the complexity of his dishes always makes for an interesting conversation about food and wine!


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