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4 Hands Private Dining
4 Hands Private Dining

4 Hands Private Dining

$130 per person, Minimum need 7 days advance booking.
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Chef Jimmy Cheang

 With humility and genuine curiosity, Chef Jimmy Cheang embarked on a journey in 2009 to explore a renowned aspect of American cuisine – American Barbeque. Amazed by how different it was from the Singaporean direct heat grilling method, Jimmy traveled to the United States and trained under two multi-award winning and renowned pitmasters. He especially enjoys the process of preparing the meat for barbeque – he uses a technique that injects the marinade into the meat and applies a special dry rub before placing them into a smoker with fruit wood set on a low temperature for a long duration. As he dived further into the art form, it led him to explore various cuisines and their different aspects such as Charcuterie, French, Japanese, Chinese and many others. Chef Jimmy is a qualified Kansas City Barbeque judge and he hopes that with Esseplore he will be able to share his food with fellow Singaporeans and show them the delicious world of American Barbeque 


Chef Eugene Gan

Eugene Gan is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. Born and raised in Penang, Eugene grew up immersed in a culture famed for its unique street food. His culinary journey began at Hydro Majestic Hotel Penang, Malaysia. He migrated to Australia to pursue a career in Sydney's distinguished fine dining industry and trained under acclaimed Executive Chef Marco Bonanni. During this time, Eugene studied the nuances of Modern Australian cuisine, and even collaborated with Nat Howell, a colleague of Australian Celebrity Chef Luke Mangan, on various culinary projects.  

On moving to the UAE in 2019, he served as the Head Chef at Kulture House, where he developed contemporary fusion-style dishes. Currently, he is Esseplore's in-house Chef, assisting with the day-to-day activities of the kitchen, menu planning and engineering. With his extensive knowledge of food, it is guaranteed that a feast by Chef Eugene will introduce you to unique combinations, delicious flavours and leave you with unforgettable tastes! 




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