SmokeHse Barbecue Feast by Chef Jimmy (8-Course feast)
SmokeHse Barbecue Feast by Chef Jimmy (8-Course feast)
SmokeHse Barbecue Feast by Chef Jimmy (8-Course feast)
SmokeHse Barbecue Feast by Chef Jimmy (8-Course feast)
SmokeHse Barbecue Feast by Chef Jimmy (8-Course feast)
SmokeHse Barbecue Feast by Chef Jimmy (8-Course feast)
SmokeHse Barbecue Feast by Chef Jimmy (8-Course feast)

Chef Jimmy Cheang

SmokeHse Barbecue Feast by Chef Jimmy (8-Course feast)

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A BBQ feast with your loved ones -that sounds like a great way to celebrate Singapore's birthday. Enjoy an authentic BBQ feast at home unlike any other! This scrumptious National Day menu crafted by Kansas City-trained pitmaster, Chef Jimmy Cheang, consists of his secret recipe, Smoque BBQ sauce. Get this delicious indoor BBQ today and celebrate with your family and friends!

Beef Brisket (raw weight from 800 grs) 
USDA beef brisket trimmed from unwanted fats, slathered with a special dry rub overnight, and smoked with American hickory wood to a flavourful tender finish. This juicy meat is then sliced meticulously and glazed with a mouth-watering savoury Smoque BBQ sauce.

Pork Spare Ribs (raw weight from 1kg)
Imported pork spare ribs coated in an incredibly flavourful dry rub overnight, smoked with American applewood and glazed with 14-ingredient savoury Smoque BBQ sauce to a tender finish. This melt-in-your-mouth meat is perfectly juicy and complemented by an addictive sauce - you'll love this finger-licking delicious dish!

BBQ Octopus 
Fresh octopus tentacles tenderised and infused with the Chef's savoury BBQ sauce and char-grilled to perfection. In this meaty octopus recipe, the collagen-rich flesh develops bold flavours that complement its crispy charred texture and makes a delicious meal.

Coleslaw (250gr)
A creamy and crunchy rustic recipe of fresh thin-sliced green and red cabbage, carrots, and radishes tossed in vinegar, olive oil, lime juice, cumin, salt and pepper, and mayonnaise. The ultimate side for any Barbecue set.


Corn on the Cob
Fresh corn brushed with olive oil and grilled till lightly charred. The smoke and charred texture enhance the sweetness and juiciness of the corn - this classic side is perfect for a meaty BBQ feast!

Herbs & Garlic Smashed Baby Potatoes
Crispy smashed baby potatoes drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with garlic and aromatic herbs, grilled to perfection. Its crackling and charred skin makes a great combination with its soft creamy insides. This delicious 'spudastic' side will make you love potatoes if you don't already!

Country Bread
Fresh French bread with a soft and chewy interior and a crispy golden-brown crust.

House Pickles
Tangy and refreshing, this side adds a delicious crunch in between courses with seasoned and preserved baby carrots, radish, and juicy watermelon.


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Chef Jimmy Cheang

 With humility and genuine curiosity, Chef Jimmy Cheang embarked on a journey in 2009 to explore a renowned aspect of American cuisine – American Barbeque. Amazed by how different it was from the Singaporean direct heat grilling method, Jimmy traveled to the United States and trained under two multi-award winning and renowned pitmasters. He especially enjoys the process of preparing the meat for barbeque – he uses a technique that injects the marinade into the meat and applies a special dry rub before placing them into a smoker with fruit wood set on a low temperature for a long duration. As he dived further into the art form, it led him to explore various cuisines and their different aspects such as Charcuterie, French, Japanese, Chinese and many others. Chef Jimmy is a qualified Kansas City Barbeque judge and he hopes that with Esseplore he will be able to share his food with fellow Singaporeans and show them the delicious world of American Barbeque 

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