Symphony of Seafood Pen Cai (鲍汁海味聚宝盆菜) by Chef Steve Yap (Delivered Frozen)

Chef Steve Yap

Symphony of Seafood Pen Cai (鲍汁海味聚宝盆菜) by Chef Steve Yap (Delivered Frozen)

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What is Chinese New Year without Pen Cai? Welcome the "niu" year with this prosperity pot of delicious premium seafood. Skip the tedious process and enjoy hassle-free cooking with Chef Steve Yap's skillfully curated pen cai. All you have to do it let it thaw, heat it up, and dig in!

Symphony of Seafood Pen Cai (鲍汁海味聚宝盆菜) 
This luxurious homemade Cantonese treasure pot by accomplished Chef Steve Yap is cooked pot by pot(not mass produced) and carefully vacuumed packed. He brings together premium ingredients and natural sauces in a healthy gourmet dish this Chinese New Year for you to enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience. Laced with 13 locally sourced, premium ingredients such as braised whole abalone, tiger skin sea cucumber, Hokkaido conpoy, fried fish maw, braised Chinese mushroom, King Shajing oyster, simmered sea prawns, Yunnan black fungus, black moss simmered in chicken sauce, fried taro, braised pork tendons, Tianjin cabbage & concentrated abalone sauce - the delicious taste of Chef Steve's Pen Cai will be unforgettable! 
*This product is delivered frozen with a stainless steel fire/induction safe pan. Please store the entire package with the thermal bag in freezer if not for immediate consumption. Suitable to keep frozen for 2-3 months.*



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Steve Yap

Chef Steve Yap is an accomplished chef in Singapore. Having worked in the F&B industry since 1998, Chef Steve built his way up through honest hard work and passion for food. Although his speciality is Western cuisine, he is skilled in Singaporean, Malay, Japanese, and Indian cooking. Describing his cooking as healthy, he has perfected steaming, stewing, simmering, and poaching techniques, and even the Sous Vide - the process of sealing food in a vacuum-sealed bag and cooking it in temperature-controlled water. 

As a person who's constantly improving himself, he believes that a chef should be patient and enjoy the learning journey. With the determination to serve tasty food, he dedicated himself to honing his skills and won the championship at the World Culinary Competition 2007 in Taiwan.  

Through his previous positions, he is confident about his way in the kitchen, ensuring that food is prepared safely and tastes heavenly. Rest assured, a delicious gourmet feast from Chef Steve is an Esseplore guarantee! 


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