Western Truffle Delight by Chef Bryan (2-Course feast)
Western Truffle Delight by Chef Bryan (2-Course feast)

Chef Bryan Chong

Western Truffle Delight by Chef Bryan (2-Course feast)

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Introducing Chef Bryan's debut western menu filled with mouth-watering flavours. With star dish, Truffle Sakura Chicken, enjoy the tenderness of the meat with the bold and rich taste of truffle in this Western Truffle Delight!


Truffle Sakura Whole Chicken 
This succulent and juicy chicken dish is a must-try. It uses free-range Sakura whole chicken(without growth hormones or antibiotics) roasted with hints of black truffle paste, brined over 4 hours, till a beautiful golden brown.

(contains gluten & dairy) 


Mess of Premium Vegetables 
Fresh carrots, broccoli, and bicolour sweet corn prepared to perfection and served with fondant potatoes which consist of cutting them into cylindrical shapes and browning them with butter by slowly roasting. 


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Chef Bryan Chong

Chef Bryan Chong is highly accomplished in the Singapore culinary scene. His innovative nature shines through his list of culinary and academic credentials including winning the Chingay 2009 Junior Chef Cooking Competition and working as Chef de Cuisine at The Lo & Behold Group previously. He specialises in European, Western and Japanese cooking, and worked his way up the ranks to Head Chef with passion and honesty. He is a natural leader in the kitchen and capable of efficiently managing the kitchen operations team. Always looking to learn and improve, Chong is skilled at curating creative menus and advocates for portion control and reduction of waste in the kitchen. With Chef Bryan’s feasts, expect nothing less than restaurant-quality gourmet of novel recipes and delicious flavours.

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